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Welcome! You are definitely in the right place if you are looking to deepen and improve your relationship with Life. Whether you’re a Conscious and Heart-Centred Business Owner, an Artist, Musician or Creative, or seeking to deepen and improve your intimate or personal relationships in a Conscious way; then there is an offering here that will serve you deeply. My intention is to deliberately and consciously connect you with a profoundly loving force that causes you to thrive, blossom and flourish, in Life.


The Foundation (the core focus) of Path Of The Open Heart Coaching, is to explore your Relationship to Life and how it shows up for you. In The Path of the Open Heart, it is this relationship and how healthy and nurturing it is; that determines your experience of Life - whether that’s in your business life, your personal and intimate relationships, your relationship with money, health or success; or in your creative expression. Everything you experience in Life and as Life; is impacted by the relationship you have with the Source of all Life and with the very core of your being.


Therefore, everything I do and offer at Path of the Open Heart Coaching, is designed to connect you lovingly with that Core; causing you to be nurtured by the Truth of your Being. For it is that loving connection that causes you to truly flourish, thrive and blossom. In order to deepen that connection, Core Wounds are often encountered along the way. These wounds are simply an indication of where you are not feeling Profoundly Loved by Source, or not feeling deserving of that Love in any way.


That is why each offering positively encourages loving connection with any core wounds we encounter. These core wounds cause you to believe that you don't deserve to be loved deeply and profoundly always. All of my offerings are designed to shift these misperceptions either subtly, or dramatically; so you may experience your life as being built on the solid foundations of being divinely loved, nurtured and supported, in practical, transformative and grounded; ways.


My loving and Conscious Intention is set throughout, and each offering is imbued with the energy of Profound Love as it flows through me. That includes in my Music; Books, Talks, Webinars, Workshops, Courses or Coaching Programs. These offerings are clearly laid out below; from Free Discovery Offerings, all the way through to choosing to Dive Deep. Check in with your heart and it will let you know which offering is right for you at this time.


If you’re ready to explore then let’s begin. Allow me - if it resonates; to support you to flourish, thrive and blossom, from this space of Profound Love.. And if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.


Core Wounds are sets of limiting thoughts and beliefs that have become so embedded that no matter what you do you cannot seem to shift or sometimes even access them. They can be so deeply buried that you can do lots of work around the issues covering them up but still find that your default position is one that creates drama, lack and loss in certain areas. Our core wounds can show up in our personal, romantic or business lives and create havoc, constantly making our lives feel like an unnecessary struggle in those areas. Core Wounds can show up In many Ways:

Diving Deeper

Are You Dealing With Core Wounds?

Healing core wounds isn't about getting rid of anything, after all, you’re already perfect from a spiritual perspective. So the focus in all of this work is to embrace everything about you, love everything about you and gently release any perspective that no longer serves your growth.


It is this profoundly loving and focused attention that allows you to finally see the gifts and healing available in your core wounds. The love they contain - no matter how distorted, is intended to protect you from harm and keep you safe. It is through this understanding that you begin to see how and why those wounds have been holding you back. You understand in essence their true purpose which then allows you to move forward in your life and begin to thrive in whatever area/s you were previously blocked or stifled.



I set my conscious intention to create offerings for every level of involvement. Whether you just want to sample the free offerings or make a small commitment to buying my books and/or music if they appeal. Maybe you're ready to go deep and interact with me in talks and workshops or ready to dive in all the way and join me in one of my coaching programs, online courses or mentoring program. I truly believe you'll find something of value in our connection. And as you will find as we progress together, that is always my loving and conscious intention. Yve



Are You an Artist, Healer, Creative, Heart-Centred Business Owner, Or Active Seeker Looking To Deepen and Improve Your Relationship

With Life?



  • Constantly creating and recreating debt or money problems


  • Blocks that stop you from attracting new clients or customers


  • Attracting unsuitable and/or unhealthy, romantic or sexual; partners


  • Dealing with health issues that are chronic and repetitive in nature

  • Constantly losing or misplacing things that you consider valuable


  • Feeling like no matter how hard you try you're not moving forward


  • Reaching plateaus in your development that you just can't seem to break through


  • Limiting your ideas of what is possible for your life


  • Cause you to discount or ignore your intuitive hits and inner guidance


  • Following outside guidance that takes you off-course leading to setbacks/dramas


If you resonated with any of the above descriptions you may be wondering what you can actually do to begin to shift your core wounds. You may be wondering how using spiritual tools can help you in practical and transformative ways. You may be wondering how you can incorporate these tools into your personal and/or business life in ways that feel practical and grounded.


Perhaps you've tried many things to improve your experience of life in whatever area you feel a block and nothing's worked and are questioning whether healing core wounds is going to be any different. What makes this approach different is that it focuses on deliberately accessing your core wounds from an emotional, physical and most importantly; spiritually-focused perspective. You then begin to shift these deeply embedded blocks in ways that create permanent and lasting transformations.


By supporting you to really connect the dots and understand the emotional set points that are running you - often without your knowing; you then begin to open up to deeper and deeper self love. This increased self love begins to allow in much more nurturing and healing experiences in every area of your life, not just one or two.


By gently tapping into your body's wisdom and your key emotional states and exploring the core wound memories they contain, then the spiritual lessons and healing contained in your core wounds begin to reveal themselves.This profoundly loving approach gives your core wounds the spiritual balm they need to be met and lovingly released from a deep place that goes way beyond your surface issues and yet avoids any dogmatic rights and wrongs, ought to's and should haves.




Helping You to Thrive in Business and In Life

Path of the Open Heart Coaching

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